Silvernetix Bristal


Silvernetix Bristal is an exclusive server-side A.I. themed features set for the early-access multiplayer game Rising World on the Serenity server.
It is designed to be used in the form of services that provides a wider variety of gameplay options and conveniences within the game without compromising the survival theme of the game.

Since July 2015 Bristal has had a significant impact on the way gamers play Rising world, and has been an inspirational rolemodel for other servers to offer similar features and ideas that enriches the multiplayer experience of the game.

Today it is still our goal to keep innovating new features and provide a unique gaming experience that ties in closely with the survival gameplay of Rising World's number one server -> Serenity Server.

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While we are all waiting for any kind of transportation vehicles to be added into the game, Bristal provides a teleport system inspired by real world Rapid transit (metro/subway) .
The Metro allows you to teleport to any other metro station scattered around the newer regions on the map in a quick and easy way.

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Trading resources on Serenity is made easy by allowing you to use a digital form of currency (credits) to purchase items, resources or services from each-other.
On top of the ability to buy & sell between players, you will be using credits to have access to a wide range of Bristal Services you might be interested in during gameplay.

To learn more about the economy and how to earn credits besides trading with other players, click on the button below.

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Apart from teleportation and in-game currency, Bristal has a selection of 'luxury' services aimed at players who have extra credits to spend on extras.

Credits make can take care of rough game situations such as;
If you find yourself in a situation without food, you can count on Bristal,
Are far away from water and very thirsty? you can count on Bristal
Have a broken leg? call Bristal
Don't like to play at night? Then demand daylight with Bristal.

And many more luxury features ready for your consumption.

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